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Ušteda materijala

Material saving 50%

For manual wrapping EURO pallet dimensions 120x80x160 cm spends about 500 to 600 grams foil, while the wrapping machine, depending on the model of the machine and devices for Pre stretch spends 150-350 grams foil
Ušteda novca

Lower costs

Machine or automated packaging thanks to savings in material and a smaller number of employees in the packaging, reduce overall packaging costs. Depending on the model, the savings can be over 50%


For manual packaging output capacity is approximately 10 pallets per hour. Output capacity of the basic model of the packaging machine is 20 pallets per hour, output capacity automatic lines is 20-80 range.


Stabilnost palete

Stability range

When mechanical interference increases the stability of the pallet because all pallets wrapped tightly and evenly, which is extremely important for safe transport without fear of collapsing palettes


When the machine wrapping pallets reduces the number of employees required to work on the package since it took one employee to operate the machine and control the process of packaging

Return of investment

By applying mechanical or automated packaging, with cost savings, increased output capacity and a smaller number of workers needed to process packaging expected a quick return on investment, and thereafter and financial growth

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