The 4th generation of spiraling equipment has already been on the market. They are suitable for packing long objects. The operator chooses the type of torsion, prepares the wrapping items and triggers the wrapping process by pressing the button. During pregnancy, the presence of a worker is not necessary.


Some technical data:
– diameter of the inner ring 400, 680, 960, 1200 mm;
– Wrapping and transport speeds are adjustable via Touch Screen,

– pneumatic unit for clamping and cutting of the film with a two-way cylinder,
– machine control with the ability to set up up to 20 user programs via a color touch screen,
– the choice between different wrapping cycles: wrapping of the whole object, beginning and ending, section wrapping, reinforced wrapping of the work, by-pass function;

Dimensions of the film: 125 mm wide, on a carrier 50 mm or 76 mm in diameter and max. an external diameter of 200mm, and a thickness of 17-50 μm.
ORBIT machine is more suitable for mounting in lines: