Helix 3

Automatic wrapping machine with rotating arm for wrapping palletized cargo with PE foil for medium and higher productivity. Swing with a rotating arm

Thanks to rotating hand technology, the wrapping process is performed on a static palette which eliminates the risk of the product falling from the pallet during the wrapping process regardless of the speed of the hand rotation.

Helix machines are the ideal solution for wrapping lightweight, easily deformable, unstable products and are present in many areas of the market.

Due to the versatile design and construction of the rotating arm in Helix machines, machines can be configured to wrap different product dimensions on the palette both larger and smaller than the standard dimensions of the pallet.

Helix 3 is ideal for a capacity of up to 75 pallets / h, depending on the speed of the line, the covering foil and the total number of ply pallets.